How to Make a Streamer Bow

Streamer Bow
Streamer Bow

I came up with this easy-to-tie bow years ago and have been using it on presents ever since. It's a great way to use up shorter pieces of ribbons that aren't quite long enough to go around a gift, and is arguably easier to tie than your standard bow.

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Select several pieces of different types of ribbon in various colours and widths. My favourite combination is satin and gossamer ribbons of similar colours in thinner widths.

How to:

Streamer bow how to
Streamer bow how to
  1. Cut the ribbons to various lengths. Between 8-12" works well, but if you're using wider ribbons, try longer lengths.
  2. Pile the ribbons together, aligning the centres.
  3. Tie a knot at the centre, keeping the ribbons together as if one piece.
  4. Select one end from either side of the knot and tie to attach to gift.
  5. Trim ends if necessary.